We created Bearded Marketing after seeing a huge gap in today’s website & online marketing industry. A lot of small business owners were frustrated as they were struggling to find the right website/marketing vendor who would be able to deliver high quality work without burning a huge hole in their pockets.
We saw business owners going to “Overseas Freelancers” getting burnt with false promises and work that was done incorrectly. Then we saw business owners who went to those “Big Agencies” that took tens of thousands of dollars for work that was not even worth it. They lost extreme profits in the process of building their online marketing presence. There was just nothing left for the business owner. 
We are not just an agency, we are partners for small businesses- allowing for some great results & even better return-on-investments. 
Our Team of expert Designers, Backend Developers, Business Strategists, Project Managers, & Executives are all here to guide you through every step of the way to guarantee a hassle-free great experience. We believe in human & personal attention instead of “software bots”. 
We are an all-in-one solution for your business- from custom websites, a suite of digital marketing services, brand strategy, photo & video production, web management and most importantly a long term commitment for your business’s success. 
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We look forward to the opportunity to help improve your business online. 


CEO & Co-Founder

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